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14 Beautiful Beaches in the Seychelles

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Whoever coined the term "paradise" must have visited the Seychelles. An area of unbeatable beauty boasting many of the world's best beaches, this utopian archipelago lies off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. In addition to its sparkling turquoise waters, abundant sea turtles, and an underwater world teeming with life, the sand on these impressive strands is so soft, it soothes sore feet. Add a stunning backdrop of lush forests, giant boulders, and verdant hills, and you'll begin to grasp the extent of the area's perfection.

Whoever coined the term "paradise" must have visited Seychelles. An area of unbeatable beauty boasting for a honeymoon, and what strand to choose for those travelling with kids. A few of the best Seychelles beaches are home to luxurious resorts. These lovely spots are all so spectacular we bet you can't choose just one! Narrow down your search for nirvana with our list of the best beaches in Seychelles.

1. Petite Anse, Mahé

Arguably the most beautiful Seychelles beach, Petite Anse is both pristine and isolated. Backed by an impressively dense forest and granite cliffs, this gem is located on the southwest coast of Mahé, the largest (and main) island of the Seychelles. A protected bay of silver-tinged sand, this beautiful spot is an excellent place to swim and snorkel, especially for families.

The easiest way to gain access to this exclusive beach is by staying at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort Seychelles. Treehouse villas equipped with private pools pepper the granite hillside, offeri, the largest (and main) island of Seychelles. A protected bay of silver-tinged sand, this beautiful spot is an excellent place to d. .

2. Anse Georgette, Praslin

Exceptionally soft, white sand stretches along the shore of the quiet Anse Georgette beach on Praslin Island. Although technically a public beach, Anse Georgette is most easily accessed through the resort, Constance Lemuria. Unlike the Four Seasons Resort at Mahé, which welcome beach visitors if they've checked in with security, the Constance Lemuria limits non-resort guests. By asking visitors to call ahead and reserve a beach visit, they're able to keep the area clean and uncrowded. Once you arrive at the resort, you can hop on a buggy (running every hour from the hotel) or walk a short distance to this impeccable spot. Once here, you'll be greeted by a spectacular bay, featuring water that's the most enticing shade of turquoise. With no rocks or coral to mark the ocean floor off this beach, the ocean is unblemished and extremely inviting. Beware, though, as currents are known to be strong here, so swimming isn't as safe as it is in other locations.

3. Anse La Passe, Silhouette Island

Photo Copyright: Shandley McMurray

A remarkable beach hugging the Western shore of Silhouette Island (about 19 kilometers north of Mahé), Anse La Passe is part of the luxurious, all-villa Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa. The third largest of the Seychelles archipelago, Sihouette Island is free from carsand is home to only about 100 people. If you're looking for a quiet beach vacation, it's here. The warm ocean surrounding this island is a protected marine park boasting an untouched paradise teeming with underwater life. Crystal-clear, calm water laps the pristine stretch of sand at Anse La Passe. And a thriving coral reef lies a mere 200 meters offshore, making this a perfect spot for families. When the tide is out, you merely have to wade in ankle deep to experience an exhilarating scene. From lionfish to sting rays to eels, you can see everything without the aid of a snorkel and mask. Beware where you step: spiky sea urchins lie among the coral. Located so close to the resort, other fun activities, like sailing, biking, and fishing, are available, as is delicious food from multiple restaurants. 4. Anse Major, Mahé

A hidden gem on the northwest coast of Mahé, Anse Major can only be accessed by foot or boat. No roads lead to this secluded nirvana, so you'll have to park and hike in, which can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. The reward: dramatic views of an impeccable coast from atop a granite cliff and a tranquil scene you'll be hard-pressed to beat. Not a walker?

Water taxis are also available. Once your feet meet the plush, unspoiled sand, you'll realize your trek was worth it. The region's famed turquoise water caresses the shore, which is embraced by a verdant green jungle. A perfect spot for an enjoyable swim, the calm ocean makes this one of the island's safest places to take a dip. 5. Anse Intendance, Mahé

Like most of the impressive Seychelles beaches, Anse Intendance is revered for its iridescent azure water and surrounding lush tropical forest. The one thing missing is a coral reef, but this deficit is in fact a bonus—no reef means excellent surfing. While typically beautiful and serene, Anse Intendance isn't the island's best beach option for families. The rough waves and currents that gratify surfers make swimming difficult for both the younger set and other, less confident swimmers, especially during June to September. Located on the south western coast of Mahé, this wild strand plays host to the exclusive Banyan Tree Seychelles, a romantic beach resort, where holiday guests are treated to private pool villas in a dreamlike locale. It's set well-back, however, making it an unobtrusive addition to the coastline. Plus, the hotel's convenient location is a plus for sunbathers looking for a bite to eat—there are no shops or other concessions available on this secluded beach. 6. Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue

Anse Source d'Argent is literally the face of paradise. Made famous in films and advertising campaigns, this unique spot embodies the essence of a dream beach vacation. Once you catch sight of its flawless white sand, inimitable boulders, and crystalline tropical water, you'll see why. So, too, do many other vacationers, which is why the beach gets crowded at times, especially during December, January, and August. There is an upside to the beach's popularity: palm shade huts have cropped up, as well as a local stand that sells juices, coconuts, and other refreshing treats. If you're looking for a quieter experience, walk along the path through the giant boulders to the south, away from the main part of the beach. This area is much less crowded and just as spectacular. Another bonus: the water at Anse Source d'Argent is so clear, you won't need a snorkel or mask to see the vibrant fish swimming about, and it's shallow and calm enough to entice young children to splash and play. We'd advise wearing water shoes to protect your feet from sharp coral. 7. Anse Lazio, Praslin

One of the top beaches on Praslin, the second biggest island in the Seychelles, Anse Lazio is enveloped by tall and lush takamaka and palm trees, offering much needed shade from the beating sun. The ocean here is as glassy and transparent as it is at other top-rated Seychelles beaches, and the pristine sugar-white sand makes it one of the island's cleanest beaches. One of the best places to visit for those looking for both a romantic beach vacationand a family holiday to remember, Anse Lazio can get crowded, especially later in the day. It's best to arrive early (around 9) to beat the rush and find a close parking spot. If you have enough time (and energy) to stay late, the sunset here is unbeatable. 8. Anse Louis, Mahé

Like most of the best Seychelles beaches, Anse Louis has been claimed by a holiday resort. Inconspicuous villas of the impressive MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa dot the lush hillside, all boasting a private infinity pool. That's a bonus for other travelers: hotel guests are so busy enjoying the lap of luxury, you won't have to fight crowds at this lovely, clean beach. Located on Mahe's west coast, Anse Louis is set in a small, sheltered bay, which helps add to the exclusive allure. It covers 500 meters of beachfront and is conveniently situated between two other lovely beaches—Anse à la Mouche and Anse Boileau. On the north end of the beach, you'll find the large, granite rocks made famous by this region, as well as a tropical forest begging to be discovered. The south end is best for lounging and swimming, while you'll find larger surf-worthy waves to the north side. From June to September, you can expect seaweed to wash into shore. 9. West Beach, Bird Island

West Beach is an oasis of pearly sand that softly caresses weary feet. One of the Seychelles' best beaches to watch a sunset, this Bird Island sanctuary offers a breathtaking vista filled with unbeatable hues of orange, red, pink, and purple. Talk about a remote beach! Situated 96 kilometers from Mahé, this strand is located on the northernmost island in the Seychelles archipelago. It's so quiet and remote that even turtles feel brave enough to wander the area and lay their eggs. Protected on its east and west sides by a barrier reef, Bird Island is a perfect place to get up close and personal with the underwater life. Head to nearby Hirondelle Beach for the best snorkeling. The island is also well known for its vibrant bird life, hence the name. In fact, close to one million Sooty Terns call Bird Island home. 10. Grand Anse, La Digue

A picture-perfect beach that's free from crowds, Grand Anse is a wonderful place to spend a day frolicking under the sun. The sand here is so soft, you'll feel as if you're walking through powder instead of ground-up pieces of coral. The longest beach on La Digue, Grand Anse is impeccable in its beauty, edged by spectacular granite boulders and backed by leaning palm trees. The only downside is that their shade doesn't reach the sand. That means there's no real respite from the midday heat. Grand Anse is known to most as a wild beach. Instead of quiet, calm waves gently lapping the shore, you're more likely to encounter a rough, crashing surf that reminds you of who's really in charge–Mother Nature. This is great news for surfers, who can spend hours on these windswept waters. Swimmers should use extra caution, especially during the southeast monsoon season between April and October. 11. Beau Vallon Bay, Mahé

The view at Beau Vallon Bay is the stuff dreams are made of. Drooping palms wave in greeting above a long stretch of silver, soft sand while offering a shady retreat. One of the largest beaches on Mahé, Beau Vallon is peppered with beach hotels, restaurants, and other shops. The downside: this makes the beach seem a bit more commercialized than a top Seychelles beach should be, but the crowds are luckily kept at bay. A family-friendly spot, Beau Vallon offers some of the safest swimming on the island. Since the tide goes in and out slowly and there are few waves, it's an easy place to wade and splash around with kids. This is also one of the best places to participate in beach activities. From parasailing to paddleboarding to banana boating, there's no lack of things to do at Beau Vallon. 12. Anse Forbans, Mahé

If you're looking for a place to relax, Anse Forbans is it. Shallow, calm, and vibrant turquoise water make this beach an ideal place for families, romantics, and those looking to chill out. While swimming and sunbathing are the main pastimes, many enjoy snorkeling and fishing around the calm bay. Located along Mahé's southeast coast, Anse Forbans has also fallen prey to beach hotels like the four-star Doubletree by Hilton Seychelles - Allamanda Resort and Spa. That's not necessarily a bad, thing, though, as it means you'll be able to find restaurants, accommodation, and access to water sports nearby. Despite its proximity to the hotels, this beach never feels too crowded. In fact, you can often have it almost to yourself. 13. Anse St. Sauveur, Praslin

A small beach (it's about 600 meters long) on the south coast of Praslin, this little piece of paradise offers visitors a break from the hustle and bustle of larger, more popular beaches. Lined with sweeping coconut palms, this beach is well photographed, and appreciated, for its shade-giving trees. The warm, calm water here is shallow, with no large surf to contend with, making it a family-friendly beach worth visiting. These attributes also make Anse St. Sauveur an ideal spot to head out for a snorkeling adventure close to shore—no boat needed. It's also a good spot to fish. 14. Anse Volbert, Praslin

The most popular and longest beach on Praslin, Anse Volbert has been deemed the Seychelles' Cote d'Or. A hot spot for beachgoers, this strand is a great place to find all sorts of water activities, including windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, and sailing. Another bonus: the water here is calm and shallow, especially during low tide, which makes it ideal for those traveling with kids. Drooping palms will protect you from the sun's intense rays while providing a fun place for kids to climb and jump. You can also rent an umbrella. If you're looking for a meal or need to top up your sunblock, you won't have to go far; small shops and restaurants line the road behind this lovely beach.

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